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UPDATED 01/19/2021

                                                                                                      Terms and Conditions


                                                      BY PLACING AN ORDER CUSTOMER AGREES TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

1. CUSTOM ORDERS- Orders that are made to order for a client, that may or may not have customer's choice of fabric, finishes or other details. Customer agrees to Felix Hart's policies at the time of purchase.
Custom orders require 50% retainer to be scheduled in the MASTER LIST.
(Definition of Master list in located at the bottom of these Terms and Conditions.).

2. CANCELLATIONS are NOT accepted.  If the customer decided to forfeit their order, there will not be any refunds.
3. PAYMENT PLANS are NON-REFUNDABLE. Customer is not entitled to any credits if they decide to cancel their order/payment plan. Payment plan is to be completed within the time frame laid out in the Worksheet order.
If the customer does not complete the payment plan as agreed upon, the customer's order will move to the end of the master list and will be completed, in the order of the master list or as time allows.

4. RETURNS- Custom made items are NOT returnable, except for products that have been damaged in transportation. Please contact us for authorization and instructions for a return.

5. REFUSED DELIVERY- If a customer refuses a custom made non-refundable item, they cannot receive any credits by simply refusing the item, and they will incur an additional charge for any return fees we incur after the item is refused.
The refused item shall remain in the possession of Felix Hart until such time as the customer remits payment for us to send the item(s) again.

If payment is not received within 7 business days of the first failed delivery (refusal) the item is considered surrendered.
"Forced returns" are NOT accepted and NO product should be returned without authorization.
Client, herein understands and accepts this policy and the fact that they will not receive a refund by "Forced return" and their order is not eligible for charge-back.

6. DAMAGED ITEM- If there is damage to the product that has occurred in transportation, please contact us immediately but no longer than 24 hours after the delivery confirmation. (Please see additional Shipping policies.)

7. SHIPPING- While your order is in possession of the transportation carrier, the full liability is in the hands of the carrier. Felix Hart is not liable for damage, delays or any other unforeseen circumstances while the item is in transport.

8. CUSTOM MADE ITEM- Custom made item is anything made for the client that is not marked "Ready made item". Please know, custom made items are not returnable, non-refundable.
Also, conditions mentioned above apply: CUSTOM ORDERS- Orders that are made to order for a client that may or may not have customer's choice of fabric, finishes or other details.

9. PICTURES AND COLORS- Pictures REPRESENT PREVIOUSLY MADE products by Felix Hart. Pictures are for reference only, your order will be CUSTOM MADE for you.
Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor.

10. RIGHT TO DESIGNS: Products designed, pictured and/or manufactured/built by Felix Hart are Felix Hart's intellectual property therefore any and all products are NOT TO BE copied, re-produced and/or claimed as their own by 3rd parties.

11. Custom upholstery, re-upholstery and/or any other work done to customer’s furniture or furniture picked by the customer is considered CUSTOM WORK, therefore all terms and conditions apply.
12. "CREATIVE FREEDOM" if the client gives Felix Hart creative freedom to create a product, and is not pleased with the end result, Felix Hart will make a reasonable effort to make changes.
If client wants a product that has been previously made by Felix Hart, or any other maker, the client is to state that clearly with a picture of the item included.
If no such statement is made, the client does not have they right to claim, item was not completed as ordered, or "Item Not As Described"
13. If NO clear guidelines are given, products are built according to industry standards.
14. Changes to original order. Any changes to the original order must be submitted in writing and signed by BOTH parties. Additional charges will be applied to the customer's order.
15. Any and all discounts, additional charges, upgrades or fees associated with the client's order, are at Felix Hart's discretion. Abuse of any "Good faith offer" shall annul any offered to the client.
16. NO PRODUCT will be released/delivered to the client if the client has not paid for all items IN FULL. That includes additional charges for additional products, modifications and/or anything of that nature.

17. Item(s) completed and declared ready are to be stored maximum of 1 month (30 days). After 30 days, storage fee of $50 per month will be applied, for maximum of 5 months. After total of 6 months, items will be considered abandoned and therefore property of Felix Hart. Felix Hart has a right to re-sell, donate or otherwise modify the item(s) if they have not been picked up in timely manner. Client will be notified via e-mail on file. Abandoned property will not be refunded to the client in any form. 
18. Understanding of "Terms and Conditions". By placing an order customer is provided with either, Workroom order or Invoice that includes all the Terms and Conditions set within. Inability to understand, read or acknowledge these terms DOES NOT VOID these Terms and Conditions.
By placing an order, client is agreeing to ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Definition of Master List: List of orders Felix Hart works on. Master list is created as retainer for the orders are received.
Orders are put at the bottom of the list as retainer is paid, orders submitted using payment plan are added to the list at the end of the last payment.
Felix Hart has the right to modify the master list according to world events, force majeur, weather conditions, unforeseen changes and events.
Felix Hart's master list is a private business tool and shall not be shared with anyone. Tentative complete date will be given to the customer.
Due to custom nature of all orders, delivery dates are NOT GUARANTEED!



Starting October 1, 2020 Felix Hart is implementing new shipping policies.

Customers are offered 4 different options for shipping:


1. Freight shipping
Freight shipping is the fastest and secures way to ship large items. Please know, crating is required for freight shipping and it will be included in your freight quote.
Full coverage insurance is $50.00, that covers the cost of your item and cost of shipping. Please know, if you choose not to purchase full coverage insurance Felix Hart cannot be held liable for any damages and you are to file an insurance claim on your own.

2. Small carrier shipping via
uShip is a marketplace for small carriers. Smaller carriers offer more personalized service and fewer terminal stops/re-loadings. Crating is not required, your item will be packed in bubble wrap and shrink wrap by Felix Hart and blanket wrapped by the carrier. The cost of shipping depends on the carriers quote + $24.99 service fee. Full coverage insurance is available for $45.00. Please know if you choose not to purchase full coverage insurance Felix Hart cannot be held liable for any damages and you are responsible for filing a claim for damage with your carrier.

3. Local Delivery, 100 mile radius from DFW airport.
Your item(s) will be shrink wrapped and covered with moving blankets. Your item will be delivered by one of our local transportation partners. Cost of local delivery is $100.00 for the first 100 miles and $2.00 per mile thereafter.

4. Pickup / Arrange your own shipping
You can always schedule a pickup of your item, or arrange for it to be picked up my a 3rd party carrier. We ask you contact Felix Hart at least 7 days ahead of planned pickup.
Your item will be covered and wrapped shrink wrap. Pickups are available between noon and 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. Limited weekend appointments are available.

Packing and crating
If you have arranged your own transportation and need your item to be packed according to shipping guidelines, please contact us. Cost for packing/crating varies from $50.00 to $250.00 per piece, depending on the size of the item.

{Prices for shipping are current market rate.}
{These policies are for all NEW orders submitted after October 1, 2020.}

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