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Furniture Fabulatory


Intensive one day course with live demonstrations.

This one day course will cover so many topics, your head will explode.

Just some of the topics included:

  • Furniture repair (All furniture, not just upholstered)

  • Upholstery repair

  • Re-upholstery 101

  • Prepping and painting

  • Upholstery fire regulations compliance

  • Best products to use

  • Furniture history, construction, safety

…and so much more.

The day will be absolutely packed with crazy amount of knowledge, contagious joy and possibly a fair amount of bad jokes. You’ll be able to take all this knowledge, a swag bag of my favorite products and newly installed enthusiasm, and start your own Fabulous Furniture journey!

The cost of the course is $600.00 per person.

The course will require a whole day, Saturday, from 8 in the morning all the way to the evening.

Furniture Fabulatory course is non refundable, non returnable course. Please make sure the date and location works for you! 

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