Felix Hart, creative rebel in this beautiful world! Charmingly awkward, shoe loving, furniture building,

"F-bomb" dropping, "girl power", eternally enthusiastic and happy kinda pink human! Liberace of Furniture! 


Little about me, so you know who is hiding behind your furniture!

My name is Ragne and I am Felix Hart! My current status is wife to 1, mother to 2. I don't expect any of that to change anytime soon.

Yes, I'm a lovely little lady behind the name Felix Hart! It is a BOY name, but I promise, it's been verified, I'm totally a GIRL.

I'm located in Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, USA.
But consider myself a ninja of packing and shipping, so don't let the distance hold you back.

I design, build, paint, upholster all my pieces by myself. Every piece you see on my page is made by me, with a piece of my HEART in it! I do not make generic, this is a piece of furniture items, I make items that speak: They tell the story of the owner or the story of the piece. Every piece is special.

I live-breathe-love what I do. I consider myself beyond lucky to get to do what I love EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's the awesomenessest ever!

I taught myself upholstery with our first baby in my lap. She is the reason why Felix Hart got started.

I had a baby and built a headboard the same day, actually 3 hours apart. Talk about #girlpower! 

I'm charmingly awkward. I'm super good at bad jokes. I laugh at my own jokes. I'll roll over for a donut like nobody's business. I hoard furniture and fabrics. Glitter is totally my thing. I'm extra, so extra, extra AF. I'm loving. And total Liberace of Furniture.

Kindness is my thing, and I sprinkle that shi* everywhere! Even when the recipients are being doo-doo heads. It's my weapon! And kindness goes A LONG WAY.

I sing...Let me re-phrase: I ROCK out to Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Queen, 90's rap and old-school country like I am a SUPERSTAR, without giving a single fuc* that I am absolute TRASH when it comes to singing.

I also cry....like a baby: at compliments, cause I don't know how to otherwise process them. I'm learning how to reply to compliments in a "non-awkward manner" (I'm a work in process.).

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF MY WORK, even when I curse. And I curse like a sailor...Otherwise, anger gets stuck in my soul. And I don't want that!

Welcome to my life, my beautiful circus, I hope you enjoy the show! 

Felix Hart