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Felix Hart takes pride in giving unloved and forgotten antique pieces new lease on life. In her words: “I have a love affair with antiques. I save them, and if I get to do it in a manner that brings happiness and joy to somebody. That’s all that matters!” Her “outside the box” thinking, technical skills and wide knowledge of furniture history, allow her to create the most unique one of a kind pieces. 

Felix Hart enjoys building one of a kind products from scratch, re-imagining vintage and antique piece and making art that's bold, fun and brings joy. 


Felix’ work can be found in homes and businesses in the US, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, to several European countries and as far as Australia. 


Felix Hart (R.Smith) is an artist who lives and works in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. A native of Estonia, her colorful pieces represent the opposite of what she grew up with. Her distinctive personal style emanates happiness and joy, and expresses the vibrant spirit and love she carries. 


Bold colors, unexpected textures and fabrics, innovative methods to centuries old trade and unconvensional mediums are all used to bring pieces to life in an eye catching manner. As the artist explains, “…is a book, and I get to write a chapter. May it be bright and bold, unique or anything else, I have an honor to be a part of that story…”.

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