Felix Hart has been designing and creating beautiful handcrafted furniture since 2012.

In 2018, after months of deliberation and encouragement from people closest to us, we added re-upholstery, furniture repair-restoration, and our original Felix Hart statement furniture to our books. Felix Hart statement furniture is considered furniture art. 


By offering 100% custom service to our clients, we can make sure our clients never have to settle. With over 10 000 fabric options and wide variety of additional choices of wood, onlays, nails and buttons we are excited to create your dream products. Experience, but also innovative approach to classic techniques, allows us to create classical products along with more challenged and intricate designs our clients love. Saving antique furniture, piece by piece, bringing them back to life in a artful way, is something that fills our hearts with happiness and keeps treasured pieces of furniture out of our landfills.


All Felix Hart products are handcrafted to your specifications and style in DFW, Texas.


Felix Hart is female-owned, operated by a wife and a mother. With logistical help from the most amazing Mr. Husband and sabotaged, in the most adorable way, by two beautiful girls, Ruby and Baby Nora. 

Felix Hart is an active participant, and moderator, of the Professional Upholsterer’s Network which boasts over 3000 global professional upholsterers online - a place where the pro can go for camaraderie, support and get answers from a very knowledgeable collective from across the globe. Check out the page owner of the PUN - A Chick & A Chair and co-mod Knox Upholstery for more upholstery mastery and inspiration.

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Felix Hart, creative rebel in this beautiful world! Charmingly awkward, shoe loving, furniture building, "F-bomb" dropping, "girl power", eternally enthusiastic and happy kinda pink human! Liberace of Furniture! 

Thank you for checking out Felix Hart, where old furniture gets a new life, custom pieces are brought to life from “just an idea” and where no dream is too big!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like me to design custom furniture for you.

Love, Felix Hart

Products designed, pictured and/or manufactured/built by Felix Hart are Felix Hart's intellectual property therefore any and all products are NOT TO BE copied, re-produced and/or claimed as their own by 3rd parties.

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